Singapore school education system : The stages of education

Singapore school education system : The stages of education

The education system in Singapore:

Singapore has always been a country that has dedicated enough resources to provide the best academic experience to the students. The education system in Singapore has been a benchmark to most of the other countries. The system takes one through a compulsory education that includes six years of primary school, four years of secondary school, and one to three years of post-secondary school. The ministry of education oversees the education system, making changes, coming up with a curriculum that helps students to meet industry standards, and so on.

Singapore education - stages involved:

The education system strictly adheres to a national curriculum that focuses on desired outcomes of education such as life skills, competence, knowledge skills, literacy and numeracy, character and personality development, subject domain expertise, self-management skills, and so on. At the end of the sixth year of primary school, students appear for the Primary school-leaving examination in Math, science, English, and mother tongue. A lot of students, as well as parents, feel the importance and the need for PSLE tuition in order to ensure successful graduation of the examination. 

The role of PSLE tuition Singapore:

PSLE tuition has been welcoming to most of the students who feel they require additional support apart in terms of academics apart from what they receive from their schools. Moreover, Singapore has been one of the very few countries that have made homeschooling legal. For those who follow homeschooling, PSLE tuition online has been a real blessing. 

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