The myth of online tuitions - 88Tuition

The myth of online tuitions - 88Tuition

Students can’t develop a real connection with the online tutor :

A good tutor can manage just as well with online tuition. What they need is the support of the parents to make sure their child has their full attention in the class, because that is now completely out of their hands to control. With that support, a tutor will be able to captivate his class and get that personal touch even through the lens of digital media.

Children will be distracted being on their computer or iPad :

Parents and tutors are often concerned that children will not be able to focus if they are using their computers - most of the time we associate laptops and iPads with being a distraction! With online tuitions, this idea is turned on its head. Children are used to working on computers, and the interactive nature of PSLE tuitions means that it captures their full attention. The tutor takes up the full screen and the class will become the student’s focus.

Online tuitions sound too complicated :

This is a challenge that a large number of parents complain about, especially when they’re asked to install some of the applications like Google Meet or Zoom. However, this software has been designed to be intuitively easy to use. There are a plethora of online tuitions that you can help your child with and 88tuition offers an exclusive dashboard where parents and children can track their learning progress, gain access to assessments, and so on.

Online tuitions do not have quality tutors :

No tuition can be successful without the support of the best tutors. An online tutor has to be well qualified and professionally experienced to handle PSLE lessons. For example, for the PSLE English subject, the tutor has to be a native speaker of English so that he or she can understand the nuances of the language and communicate the same with crystal clarity to the students. 88tuition has the best top class tutors for each of the subjects, who have several years of experience in teaching and handling various online tuitions. 

Online tuitions are not secure and unsafe :

This is a huge myth that has been in the minds of parents for a long time. With advancements in technology and connectivity, many online tuitions are coming up with quality education and they provide the entire PSLE curriculum in a simplified manner to the students. At 88tuition, all the lessons are subdivided into smaller topics and videos are the primary mode of teaching. This makes each topic interesting as well as engaging for the children