The new PSLE scoring system

The new PSLE scoring system

The new PSLE scoring system
The Primary School Leaving Examination is one of the most important examinations in Singapore. For parents with children in primary school, it would be worthwhile to be acquainted with the new PSLE scoring system.
The norm from 2021
The new system would be implemented from the academic year 2021-2022. The present Primary 4 students will be the first to follow the system. Starting from next year P5 students will receive their results in the new format.
Achievement Levels for better assessment
For each subject, students will be awarded an Achievement Level (AL) instead of marks. These Achievement Levels vary between 1-8 and correspond to a specific range of marks. Those who score 90 marks or more for a particular subject would get the achievement level AL 1 for that subject. AL 2 corresponds to the mark range 85-89 and similarly, AL 8 would mean that the pupil scored below 20. Overall performance is calculated by adding the achievement level values of each individual subject. 
Grading Foundation Level Courses
Foundation level courses will have only three possible achievement levels - AL A (75 and above marks), AL B (30 - 74 marks) and AL C (below 30 marks). While calculating the score for secondary school AL A would be equal to AL 6, AL B to AL 7 and AL C to AL 8. 
High Mother Tongue and Foundation Course Concerns
To be eligible for High Mother Tongue courses you would need an overall PSLE score of 8 or better. If the pupil scores between 8-14, she would still be eligible for High Mother Tongue provided that she has an AL 1 or AL 2 in Mother Tongue Language or a distinction or merit in Higher Mother Tongue at the PSLE. Secondary schools will have the discretion to offer Higher Mother Tongue courses to students who do not fall in these stipulated categories.
An overall score of 20 or better would ensure eligibility for the Express stream. Therefore opting for a few foundation courses will not necessarily jeopardize your chances.
The changes in scoring are welcoming as they seek to prevent the fine differentiation of children. This can help make our kids more confident and thus make them scale greater heights.