7 Things You Must Know Before You Enroll Your Kid in a Private School in Singapore

7 Things You Must Know Before You Enroll Your Kid in a Private School in Singapore

There are plenty of private schools in Singapore. You got over 300 private schools offering around 5000 courses. It is important for parents to do thorough research before enrolling their kids in a private school. To get you started, here is a list of things that you need to keep in mind while doing your research:

School Registration

Make sure that the private school is registered with CPE and also review the school's registration period, expiry date and its track record over the years. 

EduTrust Certification Scheme

Ensure that the school is EduTrust-certified. Under this scheme, private schools are assessed for their performance in several areas - management, student support services and others. Do keep in mind that the EduTrust certification is voluntary.

Fee Protection

Enquire if there is any course fee protection available under which you will be able to recover unconsumed course fees if the school shuts down.

Qualified Teachers

You could interact with the students of the school and their parents about how well the teachers handle classes. If possible, try interacting with the teachers of the school to get an even better idea. Nowadays, you can find reviews for schools online. Do check it as well.

School Premises

Pay a visit to the private school campus ground and check the facilities available for their kids, Also observe the study environment. Check the various sports and other extra-curricular activities that are available as part of the school program.

Check the syllabus

Do a thorough check on what syllabus is followed by the private school. Check on the study materials they follow to teach the children. 


Internship programs have become a part and parcel of any private school. Explore as to which organization is the school tied up with. You could also verify the information with the organization as well. 

Even though you pick the perfect private school for your kid, it is important for you to enroll them in the best private tuition in Singapore. This will help them widen their knowledge in individual subject matters and learn more than what is mentioned in the syllabus. There are several online learning platforms available which make the anywhere-anytime style of learning really effective for students.