Studying tips for the children while preparing for PSLE English paper

Studying tips for the children while preparing for PSLE English paper

English is another common and important language paper in PSLE. Often preparing for this exam is one of the biggest headaches for students as well as parents. Some parents allow their children to take English tuition to prepare for their exams. However there some of the important tips and tricks that makes your preparation easier 

  1. Completion of Syllabus

No matter for what examination you prepare, completing the syllabus and reading the entire chapters and lessons is mandatory. Nothing should be left out in the syllabus. Questions can be asked from any nook and corner of the syllabus, so completing the syllabus should be your first preference. 

  1. Practice makes perfect

Practicing for examinations is more important after completing the syllabus. Writing and reading practice helps the students to perform well in the exam. Focusing on the weakest part as per individual’s mindset is more important during exams.

  1. Time Management

Time management is the utmost important thing for any task. Allowing the students to fix the time for completing every task helps them to manage time even with other tasks apart from exams. Setting goals is as important as setting timing for every task during the examinations. 

  1. Hardest part

As you know not every student likes grammar. But Grammar plays an important role in the PSLE English paper. Some students join PSLE English tuition to get help from tutors for grammar  as well. As grammar plays a major role in English, making your child involved in grammar topics helps them to score well. As the major part of English requires grammar, making the student focus on Language is more important. 

  1. Revision 

Before the big day starts, giving time for revision is more important. Because you might end up preparing a lot of stuff prior to examination. So giving proper time for revision is very important. And most important thing not to focus on new chapters or uncovered leftover topics before the examination is mandatory .

And finally exams are common and being confident as a parent and making the child educate in the right way is important. With these basic tips any children can score good marks and write the exam well.