Tips and tricks to ace PSLE mathematics exam

Tips and tricks to ace PSLE mathematics exam

PSLE mathematics is a culmination of so many other skills apart from mathematical skills. PSLE math exam is all about students being able to manage their time, focus on their strengths, avoid careless mistakes, and how they handle stress.  

Time management skills:

This is the first and foremost tip when we talk about PSLE math exams. Students have to make sure that they are able to solve problems in the stipulated time. Practice can help them attain this efficiently. Solving a lot of math problems from previous year's question papers can help them not only manage their time but also understand the examination pattern. For example, one cannot spend more than a minute on a question that carries only one mark. This is where a PSLE math tuition comes into the picture. Practicing a lot of questions, taking online assessments, home assignments can be of great help. Online math tutors ensure that each student is able to identify the amount of time that they need to spend on every type of problem.

Focus on the strengths:

This can be understood as to how effective a student can be in choosing their battles. This is as simple as eradicating the fear of PSLE math. Most of the parents enrol their kids in a math tuition Singapore for the fact of developing an interest towards the subject. Math tuition can help a student understand their own strengths and fears and online tutors take extra effort to help each and every student focus on improving their strengths, rather than struggling in one particular topic. Any area of weakness, say, for example, Percentages and fractions if found difficult can be learned in a graphical method or a video format from our sessions. When a student can be confident in their strengths, they naturally tend to build themselves to learn their other areas as well.

Avoiding careless mistakes:

This is yet another important tip when it comes to the PSLE math exam. Math is all about formulae and application of the same in a problem. Students will have to read each and every question carefully so that they understand what is really expected out of the question and then solve accordingly. For this step to be successful, students will have to be great in their formulae and fundamentals. Highlighting keywords is also essential and it paves the way to avoid careless mistakes. Inaccurate presentation will also come under careless mistakes, where one cannot miss the units, or misuse any symbol, and so on.