Top 3 strategies to avoid distractions while studying

Top 3 strategies to avoid distractions while studying

Even though your child is very studious and more dedicated, still no one can be focused 24/7 and no one expects that too. But distractions are very common, a small distraction can spoil the whole content that they have studied throughout the day. So make sure that your child is not left out in those particular distractions, here are some of the tips that can help your child from distractions while studying.

  1. Be Organized

Being organized is one of the important tasks even for elders or children. If an individual is an organized person, the rest all things can be sorted out ‌ easily. So help your child become more organized even if they are going to school or preparing for exams. Prepare a general calendar for doing all their activities. And ask them to prepare a study calendar for their own educational purpose for exams or study sessions during the evening study time. This helps to become more organized. Start tiny from the day starts till the day ends. 

  1. Silent 

This internet era is really hard with a child at home. These days the child can get rid of anything but not the mobile. So make a practice of putting silent mode on the electronic gadgets and help your child to stay focused. Start using DND mode for turning off all the notifications and use focus mode for staying focused. Staying focused is one of the factors to avoid distractions while studying. 

  1. Smaller Pieces

             So when the subject is really hard, understand the syllabus and go through the subject completely. Then break the subject into smaller chapters. Break the chapters completely into small lessons and lessons into topics. Focus on completing the topics, then lessons, then chapters, and complete the whole subject. 

This helps to complete the subject in less time.  And one more thing if you need your child to learn the subject in a good manner, let your child join a PSLE tuition to get a good score in a particular subject. This pandemic made everything online so as the PSLE tuition, many institutions like 88tuition made everything online, and now it's time for your child to learn at the best PSLE tuition in Singapore, at the comfort of home, and learn from the best tutors.

These are some of the ways to deal with the distractions of your child.