Ultimate strategies of acing the PSLE math exams

Ultimate strategies of acing the PSLE math exams

Math is one of the most important and interesting subjects in PSLE. Not every child loves math. Most importantly, only a few children are very interested in learning math and scoring good grades in the exams. Some kids don’t like it as well because they don't involve much in the process of learning. Here are some of the strategies that help you to ace the PSLE Math exam in the best way. 

Start early

Starting earlier is definitely one of the key factors for acing PSLE math. So start in the middle of primary 5 grade so that the child gets more time and they get to know the toughness of the subject. They get enough time for practicing the subject. So starting earlier is one of the best strategies considering math. 

Time Table

Prepare a timetable based on the child’s strength in math. Preparing the timetable based on that helps you to achieve the required score in PSLE exams. Focus on the weakness part is more important than the strength part. Give the child a proper timetable where he/she can adapt to the timetable. 

Regular practice

Ensuring the regular practice of the child in the math subject helps a lot. When it comes to PSLE math practice is more important than any other thing. Involve your child in this particular thing and ask them the flaws and guide them to rectify in the practice session itself. 


When it comes to math formulas are more important. So make the child understand the formulas instead of memorizing them. Clear the problems in a better way, where she/he can understand. Keep a note separately for the formulae and work on the problems using that.


Mistakes and Doubts

Doubts are very common when it comes to PSLE exams. So work on the mistakes and doubts as early as possible. If the child could not understand your way of teaching, ask them to get help from their math tutors or friends. 

If the child is not interested in that particular way of learning, make them enroll in online PSLE tuition. 88tuition is one of the leading online tuitions for different subjects and one of the best math tuition Singapore. We provide your child with proper strategies to ace math exams and better guidance to score well in PSLE. 

Learning is one of the interesting and important things, make your child learn in an easy and funny way.