Understanding Quantifiers Less or Lesser

Understanding Quantifiers Less or Lesser

What are quantifiers ?

A quantifier is a word that is frequently used before a noun to express the quantity of an object or product, such as a little milk. Most quantifiers are followed by a noun, though it is also possible to use them without one when it is clear what we are referring to. For example, someone asks, "Do you want milk? Just a little. It clearly says that they just want a little. Quantifiers are very important words in PSLE English because they let us express the quantity of something. There are several quantifiers in PSLE English, and they can be a little tricky to use. Most of the students suffer when using them correctly when needed.

Less is less in English 

We use the quantifiers less and less to talk about quantities, amounts, and degrees of something. Less and fewer are comparative words, which always leads to confusion for PSLE English students. That's why PSLE English tuition in Singapore takes special care of students to learn the differences and score high in PSLE English.


As you know, determiners are used before nouns. Using different kinds of nouns after determiners relies on the determiner alone. For example, 'less' is followed by singular uncountable nouns, but using a plural countable noun after it is considered common in day-to-day English. Less refers to quantity, and less refers to quality all the time. Less shows a reduction in the amount or number of something.

For example, the baby is less ugly than you. 


Lesser is an adjective that is used only before nouns to tell them they are at a lower degree or lower level. In other words, it is used to convey that something or someone is not as important as the others. "Lesser" means not as great or important as something else. 

Example: Choose the lesser of the two evils.


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