Ways to encourage creative thinking in your child

Ways to encourage creative thinking in your child

Talent and skill are not always inborn abilities. Creativity can be cultivated in young children’s minds from a very young age with the care of parents and teachers. The said creativity is not always limited to artistic and musical expressions. It is also essential for mathematical, scientific, linguistic, social, and even emotional intelligence. Being creative makes one capable of solving and facing problems in the future. It also enhances the ability to adapt to new technologies easily and paves the path for new opportunities. So it is very important to nurture creative thinking in your child. There are some easy ways to help your children in expressing and nurturing their creativity.

1.        Encourage your kid to question things. But don’t stop by allowing them to question, always guide them to the answers for their questions. 4 W’s are always important to enhance their thinking. Always ask them and encourage them to ask Why, What, When, and Where.

2.        Allow them to express their intelligence. Pay attention to your kids because only by paying attention can you recognize their inclination towards certain forms of intelligence.

3.        Teaching them different methods to look at and solve problems. Show them that there is not always one answer so that it intrigues them to find more about the things that they learn and see.

4.        Give snacks to their curiosity. The more you build their curiosity the more they try to seek answers. Always try to answer their questions, so that they maintain the eagerness to reach out to you to learn more.

5.        Thinking and creating is not always limited to questions and answers. Activities and hands-on experience pave the way for conceptual thinking. It also greatly enhances their kinetic and motor skills.

6.        Limit your children’s screen time and create rooms for reading books, painting, and other activities that promote creativity. As kids follow what we do, be an example to your child. Read and paint with them to make the transition easy for them and also to make it a regular habit.

7.        Avoid rewarding them for their creativity every single time. By doing so they will think that by creating something only they can get a reward from you. In that case, they will lose their interests very easily.

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