Ways to deal with STRESS before PSLE Maths exams

Ways to deal with STRESS before PSLE Maths exams

We discuss several easy ways to maintain your mental health and continue to thrive. A new round of exams is quickly approaching, and with it, the mad scramble by thousands of Singaporean students to do their PSLE math homework and crack for their tests. Both students and their parents may feel the effects of this tense time of year. Students' dread and worry often prevent them from eating, sleeping, or acting normally.

1. Schedule Frequent Breaks

Some students may find vacationing when they have little time to finish studying counter intuitive. However, taking pauses from studying is essential since it gives your mind a chance to relax and recharge. The mental demands of mathematics can be high at times.Concentration inevitably wanes after some time while solving mathematical puzzles.You might not feel tired, but your problem-solving abilities and memory will suffer.Fatigue can produce a mental block,leaving you unable to progress past a very elementary algebra issue.

2. Physical activity

When we suggest that students take some time out of their busy schedules to work out, many look at us in disbelief, but exercise is one of the finest ways to unwind so you can keep learning those trigonometric functions in math. Exercising improves our state of mind by raising our levels of alertness and energy and decreasing our levels of depression and anxiety. A quick 20-minute stroll will do the trick and get you back to working on your integration skills in no time.

3. Hydrate extensively

One of health's most critical but sometimes disregarded aspects is drinking enough water. You can improve your focus and performance on the exam by drinking plenty of water. Additionally, staying hydrated throughout this time is essential for your health since it aids your liver in doing its job (of eliminating toxins from your body) more efficiently.

4. Don't be a night owl

Many students stay up late to cram as much as possible into their study time. However, your productivity and attentiveness will suffer the following day if you study too late the night before. As a result, you will frequently botch even the most elementary of mathematical calculations.

Getting inadequate rest makes you more tense and stressed. Even if you find that you learn best late at night, you should still get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. In other words, schedule a last alarm for the following morning so that you can resume your math study without feeling drained.

5. Communicate with others

If the stresses and struggles of your life have become too much to bear, talk to someone you trust. Anyone from your mother and father to your best friend and the private instructor could fit this bill. Having someone to vent to who won't interrupt is an excellent way to relieve stress.

As the best PSLE math tutoring center in Singapore, we see firsthand the effects of exam stress on children and the struggles that many face at this time of year. The fear of disappointing their parents is a significant motivator for these youngsters. On the other hand, sometimes students set themselves up for failure because they believe that success in school is the only way to succeed.