What are Some Good Science Blogs For Students

What are Some Good Science Blogs For Students

Children are always fond of science as it questions their minds and it always keeps giving inputs to their curiosity.

But when science has to be taught or learnt as a subject, there are some difficulties because it is a subject full of facts and only those facts have to be taught and the application of the facts have to be experimented by the children.

Many students wish to learn science in a practical manner, with the help of DIY experiments, activity kits, solving puzzles, taking up a lot of quizzes and so on. 

When it comes to children, science lays a stronger foundation on how they would want to shape their career or even how to proceed further with their academics say in graduation and post-graduation.

This is where many parents, as well as teachers, prefer primary science tuition for their children so that the online tuition forums can be a great platform for their children to learn a lot of interesting facts about science in an engaging manner.

There are a lot of bloggers who keep writing about science, new experiments, and there are even organizations who have their own blogs where they constantly keep updating about recent inventions, future of science, how discoveries can happen and the list goes on. Here is the list of some of the good blogs on science:

  • Science alert

  • New Scientist magazine

  • Scientific American magazine

  • Science News Magazine

  • Discover Magazine


  • Popular Science

Apart from the above blogs, many of the newspapers like TOI, TheHindu, Times Now and a lot of them come up with blogs on science.

It is very important for a parent to nurture the habit of reading in their children as with technology and connectivity at its peak, there is easy access to any information. When children can read a lot, they automatically get so many questions and this helps them learn a lot. 

There are a few best science tuitions where your children get to learn science in an effective manner and the tuitions partner with world-class experienced tutors who can lead the children in an engaging manner.

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