What Can Parents Do To Support Their Child For PSLE exams?

What Can Parents Do To Support Their Child For PSLE exams?

In your child's academic career, the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a significant turning point. It's critical that you and your child have a clear strategy at this point. Prior to the PSLE, make sure your child has everything he or she requires so that they can concentrate on effective learning and revision.

Make a Study Schedule with Your Child

Having a study plan allows your child to prioritize tasks and see where his or her effort is going. Make a list of the topics covered in the exam for each subject. In mathematics and science, broad topics can be subdivided into smaller subtopics.

Set specific objectives

Establishing a link between hard work and good grades is a critical component of intrinsically motivating student learning. In a nurturing and encouraging manner, ask your child what his or her goals are so that your child can focus on achieving those goals.

Prepare a Comprehensive Plan

During each term break, such as the upcoming June holidays, your child should review past-year exam papers to become acquainted with the common questions that are tested. The school holidays are ideal for your child to complete as much revision as possible. During this time, your child can also create concept maps, study guides, and revision notes.

Enroll for a  tuition

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Get Plenty of Sleep

It is critical for your child to get enough sleep. Sleep is inextricably linked to our learning process. Students who do not get enough sleep have a harder time remembering and retaining what they have learned.

In addition, make sure your child gets enough sleep to keep his or her immune system healthy — staying up late will only exacerbate any stress your child is experiencing.

These are some of the important points that parents should keep in mind to support their children for PSLE exams.