Why the ‘Assumption Method’ over ‘Guess and Check’

Why the ‘Assumption Method’ over ‘Guess and Check’

The Assumption method is a Singapore math problem-solving technique. It is also known as the supposition method. It is a technique where you assume an extreme to solve a math problem where you might use a guess and check method learned at an early stage. The method of guessing and checking actually works. It is a good start for students who need a bit of trial and error to understand certain math problems. If you find your children are still trying to guess and check their answers for a difficult math problem in an upper class then you should try teaching them a faster and more systematic method that is the assumption method or else you can put your child to an online math tuition Singapore which will be helpful in learning. It is a method where time and energy are well spent learning it, which helps in saving time and energy. 

The importance of guessing and checking 

All the major research mathematicians use a guess and check method in solving math problems. It is one of the most powerful methods for differential equations. Equations like an unknown function and its derivatives. A guess made by a mathematician is known as a “conjecture”. The main difference between solving a classroom problem and conducting mathematical research is that there is always a known solution to the former. problem. Therefore, students can opt for PSLE math tuition online to learn the easiest method of solving a problem. The checking of solutions is a critical part of the process because, in research, the solution is often unknown.

Steps used the assumption method.

  1. Assume everything to be the same type 

  2. Multiply to find the total value

  3. Find the difference

  4. Find the effect of replacing one item with the other

  5. Replace subjects until we close the gap


The guess and check method should be carried out in an efficient way and not in a random guessing process, hoping to get the right answer. Work on your guesses in the direction needed so as to not waste time during the examination. It is always a good strategy in mathematics when you are clueless. Generally, the guess and check method is used for lower digits. The assumption method can be used for problems with greater values. One best attempt is all that is needed to solve a problem. 88tuition, the PSLE math tuition online in Singapore, is the best at teaching the right method of solving a problem. Online maths tuition helps to understand the question and use the right method to solve the math problem.