Why do we need science ? Why should children learn science in schools ?

Why do we need science ? Why should children learn science in schools ?

To begin to answer this question, let us first understand what science is and how it all started.

Science is a method of finding out how our world works. The scientific approach is considered to be the most reliable way for us to answer any question. This is because it relies on logical reasoning, mathematics, and unbiased experimentation.

Over the millennia, humans have relied more and more on science for all our technological prowess. Once hunter-gatherers, our race has evolved to be able to harness nuclear power now. Maybe one day, we will have the technology to draw on the raw power of the sun directly from the source.

Coming back to the present day, this means it is the responsibility of society to keep all sciences as a high priority for all of us to continue improving our lives. Remember, science is just the method - but that method can be applied not just in physics, chemistry, and biology, but in engineering, medicine, economics, entrepreneurship, the armed forces - just about any field that you can think of.

Here’s exactly why your child SHOULD learn science in school:

1.It prepares them to tackle any situation in life with a solid background in logical reasoning.

2.They gain the knowledge of not just everything our ancestors have discovered so far, but also how they think.

3.It lays the foundation for them to pursue academics at a higher level, for the simple reason that it generates curiosity.

4.Future prospects: the majority of science graduates are able to do well for themselves, economically speaking.

At school, children learn to apply scientific thinking through the inquiry model of teaching, which focuses heavily on children being self-reliant in their discovery of new and interesting things in Science. This model of teaching does not teach facts alone as we are all used to expecting of our schools; instead, it focuses on teaching children how to think.

When it comes to our children, especially in primary grades, we also need to consider the skills needed to get through the PSLE. For this purpose, learning science is perhaps the most important skill. What they learn in science can actually benefit them in English as well as in Math. PSLE tuition, specifically PSLE Science tuition can target the best science learning methods and techniques that can help children love science and score better grades in their PSLE exams. 

Online Science Learning :

8 months into this pandemic, tutors have become quite proficient and creative at using the online platform to teach. Even science, a subject that most will agree is better learnt by active participation, can now be taught effectively through the internet.

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