Why does your kid need good science knowledge ?

Why does your kid need good science knowledge ?

The PSLE science examination is designed to be heavy on concepts and gives a low priority to rote memorization. This is one of the major reasons why both parents and children find it difficult to cope up with the subject. One basic fact that helps in tackling the difficulty of the subject is focusing on concepts and practising them on a regular basis. Students who can quickly understand questions and have a strong grasp of basic concepts are the ones who score an A. Keeping this in mind, parents get worried about the best method to train their children for such a tough examination.

The trick is to understand that it is not difficult for a child to learn science or even improve his or her thinking skills. Some of the available options to look for when educating science for kids are enrolling them in online tuitions, keeping them involved in practical experiments that can inculcate the concepts in them easily, and so on. It is the responsibility of every parent to understand that science is not a subject but a life skill too.

PSLE science tuition can be easily availed online. The advantage of online options to learn science is the safety of having it in your own home, the convenience of being there with your child if you wish to, and the unbelievable plethora of resources that are available online.

In this post COVID world that we live in, teachers have been forced to adapt to technology - which means that you can now access the best teachers and teaching resources. 

From videos and interactive learning interfaces to group video calls that allow students to learn together, the online education industry is booming and this is the perfect time for you to enrol your child in such a program. Such online tuitions focus on the key concepts and answering techniques that students have to concentrate on. Both parents and children are empowered with the help of a dashboard where they can track the learning progress and improve their learning pattern.

Online tutors can train students on how to avoid the most common mistakes in learning science and have a strong habit of:

  • Reading questions and answer options carefully
  • Paying attention to small details in drawings/ graphs/ tables
  • Stressing on the fundamental concepts
  • Highlighting the right keywords
  • Relating the question to the right concept / topic/ fact/ principle

Just ensure that you choose a strong option for PSLE science tuition such as 88tuition so that you can be confident about your child’s learning and you are set. At 88tuition, the lessons are offered with quality learning videos that are made accessible to all the students. They have the best in industry science tutors as a part of their faculty team who have several years of teaching experience.