Why parents should hire an English tutor asap?

Why parents should hire an English tutor asap?

All over the world, the English language has developed with time as the main language of study and communication of every education system. For students of all age groups, it has become a necessity to learn the language to understand and broaden their scope in further studies. The English language is also compulsory for children aspiring to do their masters in foreign countries. Also English is the language of international communication and also it’s the most common second language in the world.

Moreover English is Singapore’s official language making it compulsory for children to master and learn English for all forms of communication. The PSLE English language exam is designed in a way to make children speak, read and understand English better.

English is also the language in which most of the other subjects are taught, other than the mother tongue. For a better understanding of the concepts in other subjects, English is not an option but a necessity.

Many parents nowadays seek extra help due to the growing importance of the English language through primary English learning tuition. Because it is for the best to provide a solid foundation that will make their learning curve much smoother.

PSLE English is a comprehensive assessment test for your children to test their English abilities. The exam tests your child’s writing, argumentation, interpretation, comprehension, critical listening, and verbal communication.

The test is constituted in the form of contextual writing, multiple-choice questions (MCQ), and open-ended questions. The PSLE English test’s exam duration is for about 3 hours 45 minutes. The exam accounts for a total of 200 marks.

For any exam practice is the only way to success, it’s the same in the case of PSLE exams too. To excel in any language or subject a strong foundation and good teaching are the basic necessities.

With 88tuition’s online PSLE English tuition give your children a very strong foundation in the English language with our experienced teachers. Our 88tuition follows a simple learning process through video lectures, followed by computer-aided assessment tests and reviews with teachers. In addition to teaching the subjects and language, we help your kids with time management, exam stress, and unwanted distractions.