Why is it important to learn English in PSLE

Why is it important to learn English in PSLE

With English being one of the core subjects in our Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), parents need to ensure that their children are adequately prepared and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to score well in the PSLE. In this article, we will discuss why it's important to learn English for PSLE and how parents can help their children do so. 


Develops Competency in Communication

Due to the increasing use of global communication platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Skype, and Instagram, students need to have a competent command of the English language to communicate effectively with those from other countries. Moreover, having a good command of English also enhances their ability to express themselves more clearly and accurately.

Gives You an Excellent Foundation For Further Studies

From Secondary school to university level, proficiency in English is usually required throughout. Most local and international universities require students to have basic language competency as part of their admission requirements, making it important for your child to gain this key skill before they proceed further in life.

Improves Child's Ability To Read, Increase Comprehension Levels & Score Better Marks

Reading comprehension is a critical component of many Standardized tests such as PSLE. A strong grasp of English allows them to understand better what they read, making them score better marks. Additionally, reading magazines or books written in English helps them develop good control over grammar and vocabulary, important components when attempting comprehension papers during examinations.  

Increases Your Employment Prospects & Professional Career Advancement Opportunities 

Language proficiency increases employability opportunities with companies such as banks, MNCS, and Government bodies.Their competence at work will increase with better verbal and written command as communication plays a huge role in today's workplace environment regardless of industry sector or job title! Excellent language capabilities open up conversation possibilities like no other when you want to achieve your professional ambitions by giving you an extra edge above others without such a skillset too!  


Enhances Your Cognitive & Creative Thinking Skills 

While learning foreign languages does enhance creativity due to its novelty-seeking attribute, studies suggest that learning English has more direct effects on our cognitive thinking skills than any other foreign language due to its widespread use – enabling our brains to focus more on structure instead of simply remembering new words & phrases every time we pick up something new! Because of this regular exposure, thinking out creative solutions becomes easier since your linguistic abilities already cover much ground, mentally speaking!

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