Why is there a Mind Block during Exam time

Why is there a Mind Block during Exam time

Exam time can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for many students; however, if you've studied hard and prepared diligently, the hours just before the test can feel like you're fighting an imaginary battle against your inner self to access all the knowledge you have built. This phenomenon is called 'exam stress' or 'mind block' and can cause intense distress, confusion, and helplessness. Here we'll look at why mind block occurs during exam time, its underlying causes, and some simple ways to manage them.

1.The Pressure to Perform 

PSLE Exam-related stress often arises when individuals feel overwhelmed with their performance on an upcoming test, partly due to the immense pressure we put ourselves under in anticipation of success or failure on these tests. It explains why mind blocks are more common during school exams than other tests. There can be dire consequences, such as not being accepted into the college or failing an introductory course that comes with taking a traditional exam. This fear results in tremendous mental strain as students try extremely hard during exams which trigger a mental block that makes it difficult to remember key facts or concepts necessary for test success. 

2. Personal Factors Affecting Mind Block 

External pressures don't only trigger mind block during exam time; individual characteristics can also play a significant role in how one reacts to anxiety resulting from an upcoming test. These include psychological traits such as concentration strength, skill-set confidence, and comfort level with course material impacted by prior academic track records, personality types, extracurricular activities, etc. It is essential for those struggling with exam-day mental blocks to understand their unique strengths and weaknesses, so they know what strategies best suit their needs when facing the challenge of taking an important exam. 

3.Strategies To Overcome Exam Stress/Mind Blocks 

If you suffer from mental blocks when facing tests, there are things you can do before/during/after exams so that your stress levels don't reach nerve-wracking heights:

Before -Take regular breaks throughout studying sessions; this will allow your brain ample opportunity to process information without overloading your nerves or fatiguing cognitive abilities too soon

During -Stay away from highly competitive people; if someone else is doing noticeably better than others around you, it often stimulates feelings of helplessness about examination performance. 

After -Celebrate small successes; don't wait until after the entire exam period before rewarding yourself for all your hard work.

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