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Quadrilaterals | Types of Quadrilaterals - 88tuition



A closed, four-sided polygon having four vertices and four angles is known as a quadrilateral. A quadrilateral's internal angles are always added up to 360 degrees. Based on the length and angles of their sides, quadrilaterals may be divided into numerous varieties, including squares, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, and rhombuses. Depending on how their angles are oriented, they can also be categorized as convex or concave. In geometry and practical contexts including design, engineering, and architecture, quadrilaterals are often employed.

What is a Quadrilateral?

A polygon with four sides, four angles, and four corners is called a quadrilateral. To put it another way, a quadrilateral is a closed shape that is created by joining together four points, three of which are not on the same line. The quadrilateral's interior angles add up to 360 degrees. A quadrilateral may or may not have equal sides on all four sides.

Types of Quadrilaterals

Based on their characteristics, such as the length and angle of their sides, quadrilaterals may be classified into several categories.