7 Good Qualities Your Math Tutor Should Have - 88 Tuition

7 Good Qualities Your Math Tutor Should Have - 88 Tuition

Whenever you are looking for the best math tuition for your children, be it of any age group, as a parent you would feel it is essential for anyone to possess a few traits that you could address as math tutor qualities. Because it is equally important to have an excellent tutor when it comes to mathematics. What would I be looking for in a math tutor when he or she handles PSLE math tuition especially? Here they go as follows:

Sound knowledge in mathematics

This will be the priority factor that any of us would look out for in a tutor who takes Maths tuition online. It is a general fact that mathematics is easy only when you have a sound teacher who can instill the interest for maths in you and make you strong in the core or fundamentals. A good tutor must have an excellent experience as a teacher and should have a very profound knowledge in the subject.

Passionate towards teaching:

No tutor or a teacher can call himself or herself a teacher unless and otherwise they are really passionate about teaching. When it comes to teaching, especially when you are teaching kids, you ought to become one among them to deliver best results and also to ensure they’re able to synchronize with your methods. Only a passionate teacher can achieve this.


A good tutor must be as engaging as passionate he is. Any child is not capable of having an attention span of more than 20 to 30 minutes. In such cases, it is in the hands of a tutor to understand the mood of the children and bring them into the momentum of learning. There are many tutors who adopt a play way method of learning to keep their students engaged and also learn the concepts effectively.


When you are in the field of tutoring, it is desirable that you are patient to listen to each of your students, understand their skill set and grasping abilities and deliver your lessons accordingly. Only if you are patient enough, you can make sure if all your students have been given equal attention and assure knowledge transfer has been successful.


Children are always curious to know so many different things and they keep getting a lot of questions and doubts. This trait of the kids helps them learn more and more. A child who is inquisitive is said to achieve more as he or she keeps the fire of learning burning alive all the time. In order to stay in line with them, it is essential, as a tutor, you are also curious enough to find new methods of teaching, keeping the children engaged, taking them through live demos and practical sessions and so on.

Extremely caring:

Kids and students always look up to their teachers and mentors and sometimes even more than that. You need to be extremely caring because it is essential to understand the emotional well being of a child, sometimes a child might be in emotional distress and he might have any kind of issues that would hinder them from learning. You need to handle them with extreme love and care and look forward to helping them come out of the stress and focus on learning.

Good motivator:

Children see their teachers as facilitators and you should make sure you give them the space to explore new stuff instead of forcing them with your own methods. You can facilitate them with your ideas and guide them in the process of exploration. In due course, they learn to apply math in their life and this is when you achieve success. In the process, you keep motivating them and do not allow them to quit. You work along with the students and ensure that they come out with the best results.

As it is said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, it makes real sense in today’s world of tutoring. When you are a tutor for primary kids, you definitely have to become Jack himself and keep him engaged so that he can learn the subject more effectively.

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