Common mistakes to eliminate in PSLE Maths

Common mistakes to eliminate in PSLE Maths

When it comes to PSLE Maths we all have the tendency of fearing and scaring out because of all these number games. But with proper interest and hard work maths can be done in the easiest way, Here are some of the common mistakes that every child should avoid in maths subject. 

1. Misunderstanding

          As we all know maths is one of the hardest exams for most children. With this kind of fear when they read the question they will surely miss out on some of the important terms of the question which leads to the whole wrong answer and end up reducing the total score. So always check the question twice before starting to answer

2. Shortcuts

            Using shortcuts in maths is the easiest way to get rid of all the mistakes, but without proper practice, even the shortcut methods end up reducing marks to an extreme. So to avoid these mistakes you can practice the shortcut methods before you try it out in real-time PSLE Maths exam

3. Formulas 

           One of the basic things in maths is to memorize the formulas. Most of the children memorize the formulas without understanding the method. Even some teachers ask children to note down the formulas without explanation. 

In this case, you help the child with joining them in maths tuitions where they teach everything from the basics to make sure the child learns in a proper way.

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4. Units

        Units play a major role in the maths subject. When a small unit is missed out the whole effort the child has taken to complete the problem goes in vain. So to avoid this mistake keep sticky notes aside in your study area so that you won't forget units. This will be one of the good ideas to keep the units remembered.

5. Stress 

         Apart from these silly mistakes, always keep your mind free from stress about math exams. Keeping the pressure aside and working on the problems in a cool way help you to get rid of all the silly mistakes.