Facts to know about PSLE Scoring system

Facts to know about PSLE Scoring system

There are always a lot of things running around in both the child’s and parents' minds when it comes to PSLE exams. The scoring part is really a major thing because every one of us keeps considering those things really. Today let's learn some of the facts to know about PSLE scoring systems

T Score System 

Previously PSLE students' grades were not only based on their academic performance but also on their Peer's scores. Even though your child got some good scores, their scores will be reduced because of their peers' low marks. Sounds really disturbing and unfair 

These things will be replaced by the Achievement levels of individual students where they can score individually. As per the MOE, this new law is to understand the child’s learning capacity as well as an understanding of the scoring level not related to their peers. 

Scoring Bands

The new grading system has announced that students who take foundation-level subjects will be assessed based on 3 band scores and not 5. This helps the students to learn their level of subjects and helps them in the scoring part. 

Express Stream 

Relatively there are two types of subjects one is standard subject and the other is foundation level subjects. The majority of the students prefer to learn foundation-level subjects. Previously the standard subjects play a major role in passing the examinations. But the new MOE has announced that students must choose at least one subject from the Standard level and qualify for the express stream, then they can choose the rest of the subjects based on their convenience. 

Mother Tongue

As per the new grading system students who get high scores can take higher mother tongue languages in their secondary school. Even if the students don't meet the criteria they have set, they still manage to study higher mother tongue languages only after assessing their interests and abilities. Languages should be developed from the basic age of your child. Lots of parents think of How to select the best primary school for their child? And here is the answer, if the primary school has all your requirements and meets the child’s requirements then you are good to go.

Wider Choice 

Before the cut-offs were really strict and students weren't able to get to the required secondary schools. And the options are also really less for candidates to choose from. Now with the new AL grading system, students can get more options to choose from and get their desired Secondary school

These are some of the facts to know about the PSLE scoring system. Even though you understand the scoring part, to score more in the PSLE exam. To score the children might get proper learning and revisions. If you are the parent who couldn't take care of your child's educational needs due to your busy schedule, then help them to get online tuition. Searching for the best online tuition, No worries we got you covered. 88 tuition is one of the best Singapore online tuition providers that provide PSLE tuition for all the PSLE subjects in a great manner from the comfort of home. Head to our website to know more