How to select the best primary school for your child?

How to select the best primary school for your child?

School is one of the best parts of every child's learning. Children stay with teachers more than with parents. So choosing the best primary school for your child is mandatory. Here are some of the tips on how you can select the best primary school to give your child the best PSLE education 


     The curriculum is one of the important factors to notice. So apart from other best things school provides the curriculum and standard of education is the main thing every parent expects for. So choose wisely the curriculum before you choose the school.

Method of learning

     Every school follows different types of learning and every child is different. You cannot choose every type of learning, but still, you can choose which type of learning is best for your child and if the school provides it with the best curriculum as well, then it is good to go, start your admission for your child

Student-teacher ratio

      In some schools, the teacher-student ratio will be irrational and the graph is very different. To understand the school basically, sometimes the teachers and students ratio will be different as they will be providing quality education with small class sizes. So choose wisely and discuss with your peers.

Extra-curricular activities

       Apart from education one can opt for extracurricular activities is the most important in a school. Some schools don't provide any of the special things apart from education. But children cannot be learning all day, they also require some relaxation on a regular basis


        Transport is one of the major things every parent expects from a primary school as every parent cannot pick their children so they expect the school to arrange these facilities to the maximum.


       Tuition is another important part of education. So choose the school with tuition services as one of the additional options if necessary.

So these are some of the important tips you can opt for before you choose the best school for your child's education.