How to Choose the Right Mathematics Tuition For Primary Students ?

How to Choose the Right Mathematics Tuition For Primary Students ?

In order to find the right mathematics tuition, parents need to make a choice between three very different types of tuition:

  • Individual tutors
  • Tuition centres
  • Online tuition

Individual math tutors can perhaps be a good option if you feel your child needs that extra care and teaching. A good math tutor would be able to tailor their teaching style to the child’s strengths and weaknesses, pushing them to learn faster than they can in a classroom full of kids. This is especially useful for children who are lagging behind the class average and need to catch up so that they can cope with the pace of school curriculum.

Math tuition centres can be a cheaper option as they take in children in large numbers that they can afford to undercut private tutors by charging a lower fee. Again, the efficiency of these tuition centres totally depends on the efficiency of the child to grasp the lessons and produce the required result. One can imagine that in a post COVID world, teachers might have trouble with the ‘concrete’ phase of the math teaching process.

However, with current technology it's more than possible to implement the concrete stage online too by using interactive games. There are many such services that parents can avail to train their children for PSLE mathematics specifically too.

Online math tutors can, in some cases, have resources that go beyond a classroom. One of the best maths tuition online is 88tuition.com. They have been working seamlessly to help children across the globe get accessibility to quality education by providing quality learning videos as a part of their online classes.

88tuition makes the best use of technology as well as connectivity along with the excellent support from their highly qualified and experienced maths tutors. Every lesson in math is split into sub lessons and there are video lectures for each of the topics. This enables students to grasp the concepts easily because math is a subject that cannot be learnt from rote learning methods. Learning math has to be fun and engaging so that children do not fear the subject, which is prevalent in most of the primary children.