How to find the best English tuition in Singapore?

How to find the best English tuition in Singapore?

Once it was hard to find tutors for English because they were few in number and hard to find. But in 2020 it’s a different story. We are spoiled for the choice of tutors, and the dilemma now is to decide on which tuition is worth a parent’s money.

Not only that, but roughly 80% of parents in Singapore send their kids for tuition, especially English tuition. The competition is fierce, with Singaporeans reportedly spending over $1 billion on tuition every year.

As always, parents have to go for one of two choices: send their kids to a private tuition centre or enrol them in online tuition. Online tuitions have been gaining popularity because of the advancements in technology as well as connectivity.

Moreover, online tuitions are a great option because they charge lower rates on average. Many of them collaborate with the best tutors when it comes to subjects like English, PSLE subjects like math, science, and so on. The online tuitions tend to have more resources at their disposal which a private tuition centre may not be able to afford.

 Online tuitions and the tutors are able to give the kind of personalized attention that private tutors can. Some of them employ non-traditional teaching methods that are more playful than the   mainstream. These have shown better results overall rather than the rote-memorization style which is all too common even to this day.

 How to choose the best English tuition in Singapore?

 The ministry of education allows tutors to register and they check academic qualifications too. There are about 850 MOE registered tuition platforms. Ensure you pick one from the lot

 Do your research in terms of if the online tuition or the tuition centre has been working for long, does it hire tutors who have degrees in English and if they are native speakers  of the language,   and do they produce good results 

 During these times of a pandemic, online tuitions can be the best choice indeed to keep your children engaged by all means and also to ensure they learn from the best English tutors

 Online tuitions like 88tuition, which seems to be one of the best English tuition in Singapore, has been transforming the education sector by integrating technology and connectivity

 They provide quality learning videos for every topic of a subject that can be very appealing to the students to grasp the concepts because all these topics are handled by highly qualified English   tutors who can connect  with the children very well