How to prepare for the PSLE science objective based assessments

How to prepare for the PSLE science objective based assessments

PSLE Science is one of the most interesting and complicated subjects for any child studying PSLE in Singapore. It's not that hard to understand but still, it's complicated as it contains all the live examples, the structure of living organisms. One of the most important parts of a Science paper is objective-based assessments. Some children feel writing theory is easier than studying for objective-based questions. So let's learn how to prepare for the PSLE Science paper and score well


No matter what the subject, it's good to understand the syllabus completely. So it's really basic to understand the context of the subject to answer any questions in the Science examinations. Understand and go through the syllabus thoroughly.

Lesson plans

So the necessary plan to do next right after understanding the syllabus is making the right lesson plans. Separate the lessons into small chapters and chapters into small topics. After splitting the topics a lot of time based on the hardness of the topic.

Cover the portion which is very hard for you or else in which you are very weak so it helps you to score more in that particular part. 

Exam format

Always understand the exam format and work accordingly.

PSLE Science paper consists of both Booklet A and Booklet B.

Booklet A consists of multiple-choice questions and Booklet B consists of open-ended questions. Students should understand this in detail and make a timetable.


We always hear the sentence "Practice makes a man perfect"

And it's not a mere statement, it's true. So keep on practicing with a proper timetable. Time management is as important as following a timetable. Follow proper intervals of study and break timing.


When it comes to objective-type questions, prepare with some previous year's question papers. When you prepare more questions you will get to know the exam type as well as it helps to get rid of exam fear. So practice more mocks to score well.

Finally, after the assessment check the answers once so that you won't repeat the mistakes in the main examination. 

So these are some of the important ones that should follow while preparing for the objective-based assessments.