How to help a child who is failing in PSLE Math

How to help a child who is failing in PSLE Math

One of the important subjects in any student’s life is mathematics more importantly not every student like math, here are some ultimate strategies for acing PSLE Math exams that will impact your child’s learning to a great extent:

You can help your child by doing some tests (past year paper/mock) to understand the child. It is important that the child should be able to read and understand questions and solve problems within a reasonable time frame, the ability to solve problems should not be dependent on the mood of the child and the ability to solve problems independently. As long as he or she has been practicing regularly with past papers from previous years, it’s likely that your child will do well enough on his/her PSLE Math paper—provided he/she doesn’t suffer from an extreme case of nerves (which could happen!).

If there are some concepts that your child does not completely understand, you may have to repeat them more times before moving on to the next one. You should also set aside time for review at home so that they can refresh their memory after learning a new concept in school.

To overcome these problems of not understanding certain concepts, you should help him/her understand his/her learning style so that you can use this knowledge to teach him/her better and more efficiently. Similarly, if a student learns better by doing himself/herself instead of listening or watching others do it first, then this student’s preferred way of learning would be kinesthetic (doing).

Focus on one problem area at a time. Try to understand the topic, then practice with that topic until you start getting it right. If you don't understand the basic concepts behind a question, it will be difficult for you to fix your mistakes and move on. Fixing problems takes time and effort so please be patient with yourself! Don't get frustrated if you are stuck after trying again and again; instead, try to understand why you are stuck in order to help yourself better next time around!

The first step is to understand the mistakes and why they made them. It's important not to repeat the same mistake, but it’s also important not to be afraid of making mistakes! Mistakes help us learn, so don't be embarrassed if you make a mistake or ask for help.

The second step is learning from those mistakes and how not to repeat them in the future. This will come with practice and experience, but this is an essential step towards improving your PSLE Math score and understanding of math concepts.

Enrolling them in a PSLE Math tuition is another way to get rid of all the math-related problems. If you don't have time to care for your child’s education then you are at the right place. In 88tuition we offer PSLE online maths tuition for children and they get wonderful learning techniques from the tutors. 

Repetition will make the child’s memory strong. Make the child aware that they can also ask your teacher for help, or join a Math Club at school where teachers will help you grow your Math skills in a safe environment where other kids are also learning together with them.