Improve your children's grade within 6 months or less !

Improve your children's grade within 6 months or less !

Online tuition websites have been around for a few years now, with notable ones like Khan Academy, Byju’s, 88tuition, taking the spotlight due to their quality. These online learning platforms are slowly transforming the world’s educational technology right now by making the best use of technology as well as connectivity.

Especially when it comes to Singapore online tuition, most of the parents look out for 88tuition as their savior just because of the quality education and tutors we have in store and we cannot be more proud about the same. At 88tuition, we strive to provide each and every child a quality and affordable education with the help of video lessons that every child can find engaging and interesting. Parents can make the best use of the dashboard to track their child’s learning progress.

So what is it that makes these options so lucrative? Can they really replace a classroom teacher? The answer is complicated. That’s because there are two ways of online tutoring - live classes, or pre-recorded ones. Live classes can often be as effective as a real one, though it has its fair issues due to the teacher being unable to supervise as well as an in-person teacher might.

What sets live classes apart is the ability for teachers to give immediate feedback to students and even coordinate group activities.

Pre-recorded classes have unparalleled flexibility. Parents with busy schedules can fit them into the time slots they want to so they can supervise their child, and students can still plan to do their work together with friends across a video call. This is one of the strongest factors that lead to a healthy learning habit where children find time to play as well as learn.

So as a parent, the first thing you should do is to reach out to your school teachers and find out if they can teach online. Your child’s school teacher is always the first priority - they will know your child best and can give the most customized feedback.

88tuition offers excellent options for the PSLE curriculum. Both students as well as parents can avail the benefits of online PSLE math tuition and online PSLE science tuition. We have the best industry professionals as online tutors who have several years of teaching experience. We make sure we connect well with your child and give them the best-personalized attention possible. We can make sure we will improve your child’s performance in less than 6 months or so.