Simple Grammar Rules And Tips To Crack English Exam

Simple Grammar Rules And Tips To Crack English Exam

The English language as PSLE subject :

When it comes to PSLE English, interest and understanding of the language will help children score better in the exams. Though most Singaporeans do not speak the language, there’s a lot of passion developing towards English and even parents have been increasingly involved in learning the basic language skills. While it is very normal for parents to seek the help of English tuition, the most appreciating factor is that the English tuition in Singapore has evolved so much that many non speakers of the language have benefited from the tuitions. 

PSLE English is one of the most demanding subjects in terms of the amount of hard work and effort that is required from the student's end. Academic experts and researchers feel that grammar skills and reading skills can help students go a long way in absorbing the nuances of the language and eventually score well in the PSLE English exams. This particular factor of grammar skills has been given priority at 88tuition and this is why we have been the most trusted PSLE tuition in Singapore. 

Why grammar is essential and simple tips to crack it :

Grammatical errors are the most commonly committed errors in the PSLE English exams and this is the area where many students require the support of external guidance in terms of English tuition. Almost 55 to 58 % of the English exam constitutes grammar and this is the reason why mastering grammar can help students gain a good score. Not just from the exam point of view, even from the speaking and reading aspects, sound knowledge in grammar can help one achieve greater heights. 

We at 88tuition have native speakers of English as online English tutors who help kids absorb grammatical skills effectively and all the lessons are subdivided into smaller topics that are accompanied by quality learning videos. With consistency and practice comes perfection. In a similar manner, taking a lot of reading and listening assignments can help children grasp the grammatical knowledge better. Listening to a lot of audiobooks can really help. 

Certain grammatical rules that cannot be ignored :

Any sentence in the English language is built with its basic foundation steps which cannot be neglected. Those are the pillars of the language and this is where grammar falls into the top priority. For example, quantifiers like either, neither, each, little, a number of, a lot of, are used before nouns, and here it has to be understood that singular and plural nouns can have different quantifiers. Basically, countable and uncountables are the topics to be understood here. Yet another confusing topic could be relative pronouns like whose, whom, which, who, and their application in a sentence. 

For any rule, having a clear and strong example helps and our PSLE tuition framework has been oriented towards learning with solid and classic examples. Verbs play an important role in any sentence and singular verbs can be used after an indefinite pronoun (everybody, everything, somebody, everyone). Collective nouns are crucial as they help avoid multiple words and repetition of words in a sentence. All these rules are simple and can be mastered only with sufficient practice.