Important Tips To Score A grade In PSLE English Exams

Important Tips To Score A grade In PSLE English Exams

Sentence structuring (purpose, audience, context): This is one of the key factors to note when it comes to the PSLE English exams. PSLE English exams test the basic knowledge in the English language and many of the parents appreciate the need for English tuition for several reasons. Most of the children lack an understanding of sentence structuring. This primary step, when corrected can make a lot of difference to the writing on the whole. Every single sentence has to be framed, keeping in mind the purpose, the context, and the audience to whom it might be referred to.

Writing practice beyond reading: When it comes to English language, writing skills are essential in order to score good grades in exams. Though reading a lot of books can be of help, practicing writing is crucial. A lot of writing assignments, guided by the best English tutors are often a positive aspect of the best English tuition Singapore. Even if it is going to be writing a short piece from the textbook or just copying the same, writing a small paragraph can give a huge dimension to the understanding of the small nuances of the language. Letters, paragraphs, e-mails, journals, all can be a part of the writing assignment. 

Build vocabulary: When reading and writing becomes a habit, building vocabulary can be an interesting hobby too! Finding out new words and building a vocabulary bank as such can help children use those words inappropriate sentences. Only when children read and write a lot, they get to know a lot of new words and are exposed to the larger picture of the English language. 88tuition, the best English tuition Singapore, focuses on building and improving vocabulary skills among children. 

Grammar skills: Grammar is very important when it comes to mastering the English language. When a child can master the basics of grammar, he or she is said to have crossed almost 80 percent of the difficulty level in the PSLE English exam. Again practicing reading and writing can help children develop their grammatical skills. Considering the importance of this particular factor, many parents enroll their children in the best English tuition so that children are exposed to different learning techniques and different methods of practicing the key concepts.  

Listening skills:  Listening skills also play a major role in mastering English language. Enabling students to listen to a lot of audiobooks, listen to newsreaders, listen to academic podcasts, watch and listen to a lot of educational videos, all can have benefits in the long run. Listening skills can lead to better absorption of the concepts, pronunciation knowledge is said to improve a lot, and can expose kids to a variety of accents and dialects. 

Mind mapping technique: This is yet another great idea to help children remember the fundamentals and concepts of English language easily. Mind mapping can improve a child’s visualizing ability and helps children in longer retention of the concepts. Short forms and abbreviations to remember various concepts can also be of timely help during the exams. Getting out of one’s own comfort zone is very important, talking to tutors or even teachers will enable parents to get a picture of where their children stand in terms of grasping skills and performance.