What will be the average fees for PSLE math tuition in Singapore

What will be the average fees for PSLE math tuition in Singapore

Singapore has been one of the countries that devote a lot of effort towards education and it has been contributing a lot to the education sector. 

It is one of the very few countries which has made homeschooling legal as every year the number of parents who are enrolling their kids for homeschooling has been increasing.

Keeping in mind the rising costs of education in Singapore, parents have been in the lookout for affordable online tuition platforms to educate their children in an effective manner.

For those children who belong to the primary level, parents take extra cautious efforts to give them the best foundation for all the PSLE subjects. And when it comes to math, parents ensure the online tuitions are the best choice for teaching math to their children.

The average fees for math tuition in Singapore range anywhere between SD 30 per hour to SD 100 per hour. Now parents definitely understand that the math tuitions are a little expensive but there are a lot of forums to teach PSLE maths tuition online and they are affordable. 

The fees of the online tuition are being fixed considering the following factors :

  • The experience of the tutors as a teacher

  • The educational qualification of the tutors 

  • The duration of the tuition or the online classes

  • The grade of the students (primary levels)

  • The average skill set of the children

Moreover, the learning resources that are published in online tuition is also important. 88 tuition is one of the best math tuitions in Singapore and they make sure they offer quality videos as learning material for the students. They have been transforming the education sector with the help of technology and connectivity.

All their tuition packages are affordable and parents can choose the best that would suit them. They have the best tutors who can teach math in an engaging manner and they can ensure kids are strong in their fundamentals. Math is a subject that comes by practice and the tutors give a lot of home assignments and they also provide solutions for the same so that children can cross-check their work.

The online tuition has a dashboard where parents and students can keep track of their learning progress and also take a lot of assignments and mock assessments to do self-help.