Why should you go for a Math tuition in Singapore?

Why should you go for a Math tuition in Singapore?

It sometimes feels like everyone is getting tuition for something. So is it mandatory? No, certainly not. However, if a majority of the students at a school are getting outside help, they will generally progress faster, thus setting the bar higher. 

In 2013, about 4 out of 5 of Singaporean students enrolled in math tuition compared with 49 and 30 per cent of primary and secondary students in 1992. A recent household expenditure survey showed an average of $106 spent per month on private tuitions and other educational courses.

Keep an open mind that your child may need help at some point to ease things along, whether for remediation or a little enrichment. For many parents, tuition has become the dominant strategy: If other parents enrol their kids for tuition it would be best to do likewise so that their own kids will not lose out. 

So how do you decide whether your child needs math tuitions? 

One of the biggest barriers to learning is self-confidence. When kids believe they can achieve, they truly can. When they don’t understand something, their confidence erodes. They procrastinate and homework battles commence. Though we are certainly capable of helping our children at home, they don’t have open ears for what we have to say.

Math tuition can bring a fresh and experienced perspective that could go a long way towards your child growth. Unlike a school teacher, a math tutor can give your kid close attention and even uncover exceptional learning needs or disabilities that may have gone unnoticed in a crowd.

The best math tuitions and tutors should also know that each student has his or her own learning and grasping style and they should teach them in a method that resonates with them. Good math tuition can bring to the table of a child the following:

  • Teach discipline
  • One-on-one attention
  • Personalized remediation
  • Catch up to school content 
  • Improve confidence
  • Show tips and tricks to learn mathematics faster than traditional school methods
  • Provide challenges suited to your child’s level (like assignments worksheets)
  • Positive and instant feedback

To make your work all the simpler, 88tuition.com, one of the best math tuition in Singapore can be the best online math learning platform for your children, especially during these difficult times of a pandemic. They have some amazing learning videos that are explained by the best math tutors ever.

As parents, it is your duty to keep motivating your children at all stages so that they do not develop fear towards mathematics, which is very common in children. Try to make math learning fun so that your child can even become a math genius.