Can Anyone be a Math Genius?

Can Anyone be a Math Genius?

Let us attempt to answer this based on the following grounds:

Initially let us start by thinking of what mathematics is. At its roots, it’s a set of skills that are based on logical reasoning that we use as a basis for all our science, commerce, and daily activities. That makes it all the more important for us to ensure our children have a strong grasp of these skills.

So how do we ensure mastery of math? We start by making maths skills fun to learn. Both at school and at home, when our children do the math, it is important to hype up their achievements and forgive mistakes. For example, consider the following scenarios:

Made a mistake in counting? that’s alright, we all get it wrong sometimes. Just try again till you get it right.

Did you do it right? Wow, you are a math genius! 

How do both the above scenarios make a difference or an impact on your child is what is important when we are in the process of making our child a math genius. The words you use for encouragement go a long way towards building a sense of comfort in doing math and the tenacity to keep trying until your child gets it right.

Next, is what we all know to be the most important - repetition. The basics of math skills like the four operations and place values need to be repeated regularly for children to pick up the speed and handle school mathematics and assignments. This is what many of the best math tuitions try to enforce in their learning models.

What we need to do as a parent or a teacher is to build independence in our children in practising math frequently. Notice which parts they like doing and point out how they get faster with more patience. Show them why practising is a good thing and makes them feel better about themselves.

Help them set goals for themselves on a weekly or monthly basis and hold themselves responsible/accountable for achieving those self-set goals. A lot of PSLE math tuitions help children set their own learning goals and assist them in reaching those goals.

I cannot say this enough - build independence in your child’s learning habits. Expose them to a lot of puzzles, math games, building math models, and so on. That’s how geniuses are made. If a child can follow all of the above along with the support of their parents and teachers, anyone can become a math genius.

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