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An essay is only the author's views on paper. The substance and argument of a typical essay are strong, but the essay's structure and language must be flawless in order to wow its readers. It ought to lead to thorough and logical essay writing. Only with an in-depth understanding of phrase structure and a deliberate approach would this be possible. For superior reading and writing skills, this is a necessary ingredient.

Sentence Structure

Paying close attention to the technical aspects of essay writing will prove fruitful. As a result, schooling on proper sentence construction is crucial. A sentence has both a subject and a verb, which work together to express an idea via the use of a chain of words. Let's use Arjun as an example. Here, Arjun is the subject, and playing is the action being described. A clause is a word group like a phrase, consisting of a subject and a verb that may either stand on their own or be subordinated to another sentence. Subordinate clauses, in contrast to independent clauses, need the use of coordinating conjunctions (such as "while," "because," "etc."), as well as prepositions (such as "before" and "after") to establish their relationship to the main clause. For instance, one of my greatest passions is to see the globe and all its beauties. This clause can stand alone without the need for any conjunctions. Sharmila became drenched in the torrential rain, serving as a good example of a dependent clause. It's possible for a sentence to consist entirely of independent clauses, or to combine an independent clause with a subordinate clause, or even to combine two dependent clauses.

Generally, there is four sentence structures, they are:

  1. Simple sentence structure

This is a foremost basic structure which is an independent clause with subject and verb. It is possible for two subjects or two verbs but not for each in the simple sentence structure. 

Example: Samantha went to the playground.

  1. Complex sentence structure

This structure is always seen with subordinating conjunctions which combine independent clauses with one or more subordinate clauses.

Example: After the manager arrived, the meeting started.

  1. Compound sentence structure

The two simple sentences joined with coordinating conjunctions is called compound sentence structure. The conjunctions are For, And, but, Or, Yet, so and using semicolon. It is essential for two independent clauses to be presented in the sentence structure.

Example: Sharmila is crying for failing in subjects.

  1. Compound-complex sentence structure

This structure possesses two simple sentences along with one or more subordinate clauses. As the name is known for, it’s a combination of compound structure and complex structure.

Example: After the rain stopped, the match continued and the audience enjoyed it.

Tips for Effective Sentence Structure

Here are 5 tips to make an effective sentence structure:

  1. Differences in Sentence length.

It is essential for not making writing grow tedious, using variation in sentence length will keep the reader engaged. Note that too short sentences will be clunky and too long also will lose their value.

  1. Make use of linking words.

The usage of linking words will keep up the flow and connect to the next. This will make the readers connect to the story throughout the journey and keep them interested.

  1. Check your writing by reading out loud.

This tip may look silly, only few use it rarely. Reading our writing will bring consciousness to the fault, and acknowledge the changes wherever needed. It will help us to know at what place flow is broken, commas needed, sentences should be joined or split etc. Simple tip will make a difference.

  1. one sentence, one thought.

It is necessary to propose one thought in a single sentence rather than dumping many in one. It will lead to deviations. It is simpler that a reader can grasp one idea from a sentence than two. Always remove deviations for the flow of writing.

  1. Expose the main idea.

A writing should have a main idea and other premises support the main one. We cannot use only simple sentences in writing, it is essential to use complex sentences as well. In this case don’t try to bury main thought, instead try to expose clearly.


When attention is paid to grammar and good sentence structure, it is possible to produce an essay that is of high quality. The efficacy of an essay may be improved by using connection words, varying the length of sentences, employing active and passive voice, and incorporating transitional words. Check that the notion is expressed in the essay in a way that is appropriate and logical. A person who is well-versed in the various structures of sentences is in a position to effectively communicate his thoughts, opinions, and arguments in any setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an independent clause?

Unlike dependent clauses, independent clauses can stand alone in a sentence. Subordinating conjunctions and prepositions are unnecessary. I enjoy seeing the globe and all its sights as an example.

2. Is sentence structure the only way that makes an essay effective?

A well-written article that makes effective use of language. Writing that stands out does more than just use a variety of sentence lengths and focus on flow; it also highlights its core argument, uses linking words, and stays on topic.

3. Which linguistic principle governs the construction of sentences?

Grammar and sentence structure are the focus of syntax. While it's true that anyone may use language however they choose (and frequently do), knowing the language's syntax can assist regular speakers in better comprehend how to arrange words for clarity.