5 Master Techniques to Excel in PSLE Science

PSLE Science is one subject that has evolved into a whole new format with the latest advancements in technology and new learning methods.

What will be the average fees for PSLE math tuition in Singapore

Singapore has been one of the countries that devotes a lot of effort towards education and it has been contributing a lot for the education sector.

What are Some Good Science Blogs For Students

Children are always fond of science as it questions their minds and it always keeps giving inputs to their curiosity.

Promising Online Science Tuition in Singapore

Singapore as a country which has legalised homeschooling and this has its own advantages and disadvantages. Many parents have acknowledged the fact that they find homeschooling effective with the help of online tuitions.

Some Secrets For Your Kid To Achieve Success In Education

Well, as a parent, all of us are concerned about the education of our children. All of us want our children to be the best when it comes to academics and we try our level best to give them the best in terms of school, learning resources and so on. But what we forget in the due course is that we as a parent sometimes fail to understand what our children really want from us when it comes to their own education.

5 Best Ways To Score Good in Primary School English Exam

Many of the parents find it difficult to prepare their children to help them score good in primary school english. This issue is largely faced by children who are non native speakers of English.

5 Good Qualities an English Tutor Must Have

When we talk about tutors in the case of online tuitions, there are a lot of qualities expected out of them.

How To Get The Best Science Tutor For Your Kid?

In order to get the best science tutor for your kid, you need to figure out which could be the best tuition platform for your kid.

Where Do You Get Affordable and Best PSLE Tuition Online?

Most of the Singapore parents are worried about the PSLE as it is the national level examination conducted for the students when they are in their sixth year before they enter into secondary level of education.

6 Easy Ways to Learn Science

Science has always been and is a fascinating subject to everyone just because of the facts it is built up on. When it comes to learning science, students are always sticking on to their own methods and make sure they get to master the subject as soon as possible. But as we all know science is a subject that constantly keeps evolving and it has no limits or boundaries.

7 Good Qualities Your Math Tutor Should Have - 88 Tuition

Whenever you are looking for the best math tuition for your children, be it of any age group, as a parent you would feel it is essential for anyone to possess a few traits that you could address as math tutor qualities. Because it is equally important to have an excellent tutor when it comes to mathematics. What would I be looking for in a math tutor when he or she handles PSLE math tuition especially? Here they go as follows:

6 Best Educational Apps for Singapore Kids (iOS/Android)

Most of the kids across the globe are glued to their mobile devices. They love watching YouTube videos or like playing games on their smartphones or tablets. The modern-day kids spend more time on screens than ever before and this isn't a bad thing. Kids can have fun as well as learn a lot of new things through educational apps. Parents can provide apt guidance to their kids and help them use their smartphones in a better way. Here is a list of apps that we encountered recently and find it both fun and educative to use:

Parenting Tips: 5 Tips to pick the best English tutor for your kid!

It is important for us to help our kids get the basics right in all of their important subjects - English, Science, and Mathematics. Only when kids learn the roots of a subject in the best way, they will be able to learn the succeeding concepts in an effective way. Especially, for a subject like English, it is important that kids learn grammar, vocabulary and the usage of words in a perfect manner. This will help them build their communication skill and help them in the long run. Therefore, it is important for parents to pick the right English tutor for their kids.

7 Things You Must Know Before You Enroll Your Kid in a Private School in Singapore

There are plenty of private schools in Singapore. You got over 300 private schools offering around 5000 courses. It is important for parents to do thorough research before enrolling their kids in a private school. To get you started, here is a list of things that you need to keep in mind while doing your research: School Registration Make sure that the private school is registered with CPE and also review the school's registration period, expiry date and its track record over the years. EduTrust Certification Scheme Ensure that the school is EduTrust-certified. Under this scheme, private schools are assessed for their performance in several areas - management, student support services and others. Do keep in mind that the EduTrust certification is voluntary.

Online Learning platform - An Overview In Singapore!

There are plenty of online learning platforms all over the world. Each and every platform comes with its own share of advantages and shortcomings. As a parent, you need to find out as to which platform would suit your kid's learning pattern. Moreover, you also need to keep a check on the qualification of the tutors, the effectiveness of the platform and the ease in which parents can monitor their kid's progress. In a country like Singapore, you have plenty of learning platforms for P1-PSLE-'O' Level exams.

Parenting Tips: 7 Easy Ways Singaporean Parents Can Use To Motivate A Reluctant Learner

Each and every kid learns their subjects in a totally different manner. There is only a limited set of kids who find learning to be an interesting affair. The vast majority of kids do find it tough to learn subjects. Is your kid one such reluctant learner, this article is just for you. Here is a list of 7 ways through which you can motivate your kid to learn better:

6 ways to increase your kid’s intelligence

Building intelligence in our kids is a very gradual process. It never happens overnight. We can never totally rely upon classroom learning to build our child’s intelligence. Here are 6 ways through which we can increase the intelligence of our kids: Understand their learning preference Each and every kid prefers different streams of learning. Some prefer learning through books while a few others prefer learning using online videos. Understand what your kid likes and introduce them to suitable content on those streams.

Why is Science tuition required in Singapore?

Science is a subject that cannot be confined to what students learn within their textbooks. There are lots more to it and it is important that kids understand concepts related to Science in a more practical manner. The main problem with learning at schools is that the teacher has time limits and he/she needs to complete the syllabus within the confined time. There is not much time for the teachers to explain concepts in a detailed manner and this is why taking up Science tuition adds more value to a kid's classroom learning experience. If you happen to live anywhere in Singapore, you got plenty of options for online Science tuition in Singapore.

How to learn English effectively?

English is a universal language and it is important that our kids learn it well. If they could converse well in English, they will be able to crack job interviews easily and also give speeches during meetings and public gatherings in a flawless way. So, how can children be taught to speak English really well? Apart from the classroom learning sessions, children can be exposed to a lot of other activities that will help improve their proficiency in English.

Online Videos - The Best Way to Learn Mathematics!

Do remember that online learning is one of the biggest advancements in the field of education. Kids can learn anything and everything right from the comfort of their place. If you want to explore more on your topic of interest or passion, then you can become skillful in that particular domain by taking up an online course. The attractiveness of the platform and the manner in which the information is displayed makes online learning a great option for kids. Especially for a subject like Mathematics, online learning can be highly helpful.